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Are you over 18? Please be over 18, or whatever the legal drinking age is for your country. If you are not, then please go elsewhere, because this is not a web site for you. Plus if you’re under 18 then you really don’t want to be reading about Gin, you want to be out chatting up girls or boys, or both. Hang upside from trees, dam streams, do handstands, eat gob-stoppers. These are all things you’ll miss when you’re a grown-up, so do them while you can.

Disclaimer – these reviews are my opinions, opinions can be wrong and if you disagree with me then that’s fine! No one pays me to rate their gin, drink their gin or add their mixers. I sometimes have to look stuff up on other web sites or in books that I have and I guess from time to time this stuff could be wrong, or become wrong. I am trying my best, but am open to correcting any incorrect information if you want to update me.

This is important – Drinking loads is bad for you. I’ve seen what drinking too much can do to people, it isn’t pretty, don’t go there. If you’re worried about the amount you are drinking, then step away from this blog and seek advice, there are plenty of people out there who will offer their genuine help and support.

Moderate drinking probably isn’t all that bad however, and that is how I roll. I like all sorts of beer and the occasional glass / bottle of wine. I also like good coffee and good food, and indeed when I’m not blogging about gin I am often found at a small café I co-own in London.

If you would like me to review your gin then I will, of course I will! Send me gin! But I’m not going to say it is great unless I think it is. You can not buy me. Or you probably can, but I’ll have to re-write this whole page, so you’d better make it worth my while. (This is a joke, you can’t buy me).