Gin & Tonic Ratings

This, dear reader, is the place to come if you can’t be bothered to read all the stuff I put in a review, this is the ‘in short’ bit where I just put the name of the Gin, the rating I have given it and that is about it. I have listed them in order of price descending, or where prices are the same, by rating. So if you are looking for something that is cheap but marvellous, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom and start reading up. Whereas if you’re looking for something expensive but below average quality, then frankly you should seek professional help.

When scoring I do try and take into account the price tag as well as the gin itself, but this is only a minor consideration. A gin will only score 1/5 if I feel it really is not for me and can not bring myself to recommend it. A 2/5 means I like it, so we’re off to a good start. 3 will be the point where I am recommending, 3.5 and you’ve really got something. A score of 4 or 4.5 or 5 and you can consider this a high to extremely high recommendation from this gin drinker, I won’t give a 4 or more to anything unless I plan to buy more myself. A rating of 5+ is only handed out to perfections of gin.

Best Value (under £25) Gin to date – Broker’s

Overall Best Gin so far – Bertha’s Revenge, with notable 5/5 ratings for Adnams Copper House, Brighton, Monkey 47 and Broker’s

The list….

Pothecary (£39 for 50cl) 4.5/5

Monkey 47 (£36 for 50cl) 5/5

Brighton (£38 for 70cl) 5/5

Crossbill (£38 for 70cl) 4/5

Gin Mare (£36 for 70cl) 4.5/5

Bertha’s Revenge (£35 for 70cl) 5+

Silent Pool (£35 for 70cl) 4/5

Daffy’s (£34.60 for 70cl) 4/5

Rock Rose (£33.65 for 70cl) 4.5/5

Fifty Pounds Gin (£32 for 70cl) 3.5/5

Brockmans (£31.50 for 70cl) 4.5/5

Blackdown (£30 for 70cl) 1/5

Sabatini (£29 for 70cl) 4/5

G’Vine Floraison (£29 for 70cl) 2/5

Saffron Gin (£29 for 70cl) 0/5

Jensen’s Dry  (£28 for 70cl) 4.5/5

Portobello Road (£28 for 70cl) 4/5

Caorunn (£28 for 70cl) 3.5/5

Martin Miller’s (£27.50 for 70cl) 3/5

Adnams Copper House (£27 for 70cl) 5/5

Tanqueray Rangpur (£25 for 70cl) 3/5

Whitley Neill (£24.5 for 70cl) 3/5

Blackwoods (£22 for 70cl) 3.5/5

Broker’s (£21 for 70cl) 5/5

Hortus (£16 for 70cl) 3.5/5

More gin reviews being added regularly, but not so regularly that I become a drunken lush. Drink moderately and sensibly, you’ll be so much better off.