Epic Pies and British Gin Night




We’ve paired up with local pie Gurus Epic Pies for a night of old London town style food and drink on Tuesday 18th October at The Archie Parker.

There was once a time when everyone drank gin and ate pies, but mostly because there wasn’t much choice – the water was rank and the nearest Indian Takeaway was over 100 years in the future.

Thankfully you can now drink gin and eat pies for pleasure, and we’re having a night to celebrate that by bringing you some of the best of both.

Your ticket gets you a pie (choice of fillings, including veggie option) cooked to order, and three fantastic gin and tonics from our Great British selection.

Plus there the entire range of almost 50 gins will be available to buy on the night if you wish. It will be just like old London town, without the fog or the street urchins, probably.

Tickets available at The Archie Parker or online at Eventbrite. 3 great Gin & Tonics and a top quality pie for £18? Snap up tickets while you can!