Tanqueray Rangpur

What did I know about this gin before I took my first taste? That is was made by Tanqueray, that it is much loved, and that it is infused with Rangpur limes, but is often described as being simply citrusy or lemony.

Tanqueray RangpurI love Tanqueray London Dry and Tanqueray 10, and I love lemony things – lemon meringue pie; limoncello ice cream; lemon drizzle cake; lemon tart; and lime things like chocolate limes, Key Lime Pie,  and the barrels of limey goo you used to get in a box of Terry’s All Gold. Furthermore, citrus flavours often improve things – lemon bleach is much nicer than natural, lemon hand towels you get in Chinese restaurants – much better than the manky flannel my mum used to wash my face with when I was a kid.

However, I will say that generally speaking I’m not so keen on lemons and limes in liquids. There is nothing worse than ordering a Coke and forgetting to stipulate ‘no slice’, its subsequent arrival, with thin limp slice of lemon and a rogue pip floating loose among the ice cubes, renders it ruined. In a glass of Hoegaarden, meh, I can take it or leave it, and in the vast majority of gin and tonics, I’d rather let the drink speak for itself than add either lemon or lime. So then, this review is probably going to go one way or the other.

On the nose it doesn’t actually seem all that lemony, but, over some ice you really get a hit of… I’m struggling to find the right word.. Ajax? No, that is a little harsh, but then so is the taste. So I added a little tonic, but this just seemed to make the whole experience worse. I remembered that my ratios of gin to tonic recently have been 1:1 or 1:2 at best, so I added some more, to bring it back into the realms of normalcy – and it got better. By the time I had added the rest of my bottle of fever tree I was much more comfortable, and could imagine myself on a balmy summer’s evening sitting on a garden terrace enjoying a long cool Rangpur and Tonic.

Further improvement was found by adding some fresh ginger, as recommended by the Ginventory app. The addition of the ginger gives the drink a far more complex nature, no longer could you be convinced you were drinking a vodka and sprite.

I’m not overly enamoured with this product, or rather, it did not live up to my expectations, but it is nice enough, and if you are prepared to make it long and throw in some fresh ginger, then you really have something – roll on summer.

Tanqueray Rangpur – £25 for 70cl

Gin & Tonic Rating – 3 (on condition of ginger, sunshine & plenty of tonic)



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