Brighton Gin

One of the most fabulous things about the gin renaissance is that it has spread far and wide, from its traditional London home, out down the roads and railways to towns and cities far and wide, as micro distillers try to make their own perfect gins to delight the ever-swelling ranks of the gin drinking public.

And gin has spread in other terms – from a Gordon’s, Schweppes and a wedge of lime to a Hendricks with cucumber and then out into a sea of fruit and weird and wonderful tonic waters to create a myriad of marvellous mixes.

Down the end of one of these roads out of London (23, M&A) you’ll find Brighton, and down the end of one of these experiments in garnish you’ll find a stick of minty Brighton Rock. Yes, that’s right, the good folk at Brighton Gin have taken the gin world by storm, by not only producing a wonderful gin, but then sticking a piece of Brighton rock in it to make a ‘Brighton Rocktail’ of a gin and tonic.

I am not a fan of Brighton Rock or mint in general, and while I do intend to try this construction one day, for now I am sticking to a more traditional , and recommended on their web site, mixture of gin, tonic and orange. And oh my word is it good.

Unless you are a total purist London-Dry-only man, sporting a waxed jacket, standing in your un-muddied willies in several hundred acres of your very own arable land, then I defy you not to like this incredibly approachable, smooth and refreshing gin. But then, at Brighton Gin, they do everything right – the bottle is fabulous, the colour scheme and label are fabulous, the social media management is fabulous, the publicity machine is… well you get the idea. But the thing is, the product they are selling is truly fabulous too – once sipped, it simply sells itself.Brighton Gin

Ok, it isn’t exactly cheap – at £38 for a 70cl bottle from The Gin Box Shop, you need to consider that two people can enjoy a return from London to Brighton on the train for less. But in gin terms, the cost/benefit analysis is clear – this is a premium price gin, but with a premium return on your investment.

One of the great things about it is the versatility – I’ve had it with Fever-Tree Indian and Fever-Tree Mediterranean and 1724 Tonic – all of them match to the point where I may never work out which mixer I favour. I’ve put orange with it, I’ve put apple with it,  I’ve gone traditional and used a wedge of lime – all work, and actually you don’t need to use any of them.

There is nothing remotely harsh about Brighton Gin, it is fresh, it is fun, and for the sake of alliteration and tying this whole review up nicely, it is fabulous.

Brighton Gin – £38 for 70cl

Gin & Tonic Rating: 5/5

Buy Brighton Gin at The Gin Box Shop



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