Gin Club Opening Night Round-Up

Toby Asker-BrowneSaturday night was the first Forest Hill Gin Club Night, and I’d say it went rather well. This is a blog for reviewing things and as such, I’m hard pushed to review my own event without blowing my own trumpet, so I shall leave others to report on how good it was, and I’ll just stick to the facts.

Toby Asker-Browne, pictured above, came, brought some fantastic food from his catering company, Tablet Catering, and re-lived his past life as a cocktail shaker – preparing Raspberry Parkers; Gin Sours; Coffetinis; and a great Gin Fizz, while Charley and I prepared a range of G&Ts plus the occasional Negroni and Martini. We had 33 Gins and four different tonics, with a wide array of garnishes to suit.

gin sours

Just to prove that you never know what your best sellers are likely to be, we sold more Hoxton gin (of which I am not a fan) than anything else, followed by Williams Seville Orange and Williams GB, plus quite a lot of Silent Pool, Caorunn, Brighton and Martin Millers. Portobello Road with Pink Peppercorns was very popular as well, as was Adnams Copper House with Red Apple.

One of the fellow shop-keepers along Dartmouth Road in Forest Hill, Pauline from Sugar Mountain, “popped in” claiming that she didn’t like gin. So perhaps my biggest triumph of the night was converting this ‘wine only’ girl into an avid gin-lover who is already badgering me to get on with putting together the next gin night.

morebottlesToby gave a little talk on the history and origins of the drink we had all come to partake in, and, while I think I spent most of my night discussing gin, there were plenty of other conversations, from the dreaded brexit; to local affairs; the pros and cons of social media, and; how to turn empty bottles of fever-tree into table decorations for your wedding day.

Since the event I have had over forty people sign up to the gin club news, and follower numbers almost doubled on Twitter. I’d better get planning the next night, but in the meantime, thanks to Charley, Toby, Zoe and Chase, all of whom helped me make the opening night such a hit, and to The Gin Box Shop, who were our main source of gin, so expertly advised and safely delivered a couple of days before the event.

half-consumed cocktails
half-consumed cocktails




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