Portobello Road

Things are afoot at Portobello Road, they have huge ambitions – recently unveiled plans for a multi-million pound ‘home of gin’ to include a restaurant, gintonica (what the Spanish and my father-in-law call a g ‘n’ t) bar, boutique rooms and a blending room, not to mention their ‘Ginstitute’. We can gather from this that things must be going well with the good folks at Portobello Gin.

This was a gin I had consumed in bars before, but never added a bottle to my collection. I was delighted when the other half came home from Waitrose with a bottle last week, especially as she had looked into the best mixer and purchased more Fever-Tree Mediterranean, and had downloaded the Ginventory App to check to see if we had the appropriate garnishes. portobello-road

Having played about with a few combinations I have a certain preference – Portobello mixed with Fever-Tree Mediterranean and pink peppercorns. I’d never garnished a gin drink with peppercorns before, but I will certainly expand my horizons. The flavours in the gin are really brought to life in this combination, and although there is something soapy about the result in the aftertaste, at the time it is unnoticed, so as long as you don’t stop drinking it, you’ll be fine!

With the Indian Tonic water I would probably have issued a decent rating for Portobello Road , but with the Mediterranean, it has a unique presence, without losing the straight-up juniper-forward dominance. The price tag, at £28 is reasonable enough, and the gin itself is 42%. The peppercorns, for all they bring to the table, are annoying when it comes to drinking the gin and tonic, you get a mouthful unless you’re very careful, and the process of being careful detracts from the enjoyment. But that is my fault alone of course, and I shan’t hold it against the concoction.

I have entered a competition to be one of the first people to see inside the newly created complex later in the year. Wish me luck reader, for my fingers are very much crossed.

Portobello Road No 171 Gin – £28 for 70cl

Gin & Tonic Rating 4/5


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