Broker’s Gin

My last review, for Blackdown Gin, was not favourable at all, so I approached Broker’s Gin in some trepidation – the last thing I wanted was to have invested in another below par drink. The bottle itself does not stand out on the shelves, clear glass, tall and slender with a white label and umbrella carrying, bowler-hatted gent featuring there upon. The distinction comes from a small plastic bowler hat that sits atop the screw-top lid. I’m not keen on gimmicks or novelties at the best of times, but on the serious matter of gin this probably would have put me off if I’d noticed it before I’d got the bottle home. But learning not to judge a gin by its bottle has become a recurring theme in this blog, so perhaps I would have bought it anyway.

BrokersIt is presumed, by at least one writer, that the bowler hat is mostly aimed at the American market, where perhaps a bowler is likely to shout ‘London’ at potential buyers. Anyway, I have decided I really don’t mind the bowler hat, and my daughter has now put it on one of her Barbie dolls and so everyone is happy.

Broker’s is, as I understand it, actually distilled in Birmingham, having been outsourced for the first few years the makers set up their own 2-pot distillery and now do the whole works. One of my gin guides, with which I often disagree, gives Broker’s its highest rating for Gin & Tonic. On this occasion however, the gin guide and I do part ways, this is a thoroughly marvellous gin, it is incredibly smooth, yet tastes distinctly of juniper as a gin really should. There are no great secrets or surprises in the ten botanicals used, just ten typical ingredients that they have clearly honed to near-perfect proportions. It is incredibly moreish, an aftertaste that is so heavenly you simply have to have another.

I am not alone in my praise, this is a multiple award-winning gin. At only around £21 a bottle (70cl 40%) it is fantastic value too – a holy grail of reasonably priced gins perhaps. I recommend this gin very highly indeed, no caveats, no buts, just a straight recommendation to buy and enjoy with lots of ice and some Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water.

Broker’s Premium London Dry Gin  – £21 for 70cl

Gin & Tonic Rating 5/5



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