Gin Mare

I’d been avoiding Gin Mare. I’d been judging the book by the cover, no, not even that, I had been judging the book by its name: Gin Mare. I wondered if they had missed a letter, or perhaps omitted an accent, possibly I was pronouncing it incorrectly, or, surely, something that meant that it was not simply called Gin Mare. But over time I have had various conversations with shops and suppliers and other gin drinkers and the general consensus is that the pronunciation for Mare should be assumed to follow José and there should be an accent on the final ‘e’.  I still wish it was less confusing, but then the old book adage has been proven, and so has another one to boot: The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case, I suppose, the drinking.

Gin Mare is a Spanish gin, and the Mediterranean feel of olive trees and orange groves is there on the nose. To say it suits turning into a Martini is a certain understatement, to my mind it was made for a splash of vermouth and a couple of olives.

As a gin and tonic drink it is incredibly smooth – you do not want to over-do gin_marethe tonic at all. I took my first sip in a pub and then discarded most of my tonic. I taste many gins in pubs and bars, rarely does it lead me to buy a bottle the next time I see it, but on this occasion it did and my purchase, two weeks later, is all consumed. It is such an easy drink, and manages to be two things – it is totally and wonderfully different and yet it remains unequivocally a gin.

I love the bottle, it is, like the gin, unique, with its weighty grooved blue glass bottom and clear glass body tapering up to a screw-top lid – this bottle has been crafted and is as polished as its contents. 70cl at 42.7%, botanicals steeped and soaked separately, in some cases for over a year, then expertly blended. It comes at a price of course, and that price is £36 if you’re lucky. But you feel like you are purchasing a drink of class and of craft, a complex, giving drink that takes no effort to drink and even less to appreciate.

Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin  – £36 for 70cl

Gin & Tonic Rating: 4.5/5

Purchase Gin Mare online at The Gin Box Shop

Prices correct at time of blog posting.


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