Caorunn Gin

Caorunn is pronounced Ka-roon according to the label on the strange-shaped bottle, and it is eminently drinkable.

That could pretty much be the size of it, but if one is going to commit to reviewing a product I suppose one should say something more. The other half, a girl with “a better palate” than me said, and I am going to quote her here, because I get in trouble when I forget to, “It tastes like gin” and I can not argue with that, it does, there is no mistaking the Juniper.

You get the sense they put a fair amount of effort into the thing, it is ‘small batch Scottish gin’ from a distillery that has been going since 1824. The bottle is unique, a peculiar shape but not displeasingly so. Very fairly priced – I paid under £28 for my 70cl bottle, it is 41.8%. Apparently it is available in larger branches of Sainsburys and some Waitrose stores too, and if you have one of those to hand then I certainly recommend giving this a go, and buy some red apples while you are there, because they are a recommended as a garnish to your Gin and Tonic, advise which I followed and with which I heartily concur. If you don’t have a decent outlet nearby then I’ve found the chaps at The Gin Box to be good, and they have it at the same price I paid. (disclaimer – neither The Gin Box, Sainsbury’s nor Waitrose have paid me as much as a penny to plug them!)

The Caorunn web site is stylish and informative, telling you about distiller, process (quadruple distilled apparently) and botanicals. I find out from one of my Gin bibles that the owners of Caorunn are a multi-brand, multi-national American firm, which is not a bad thing, but sort of takes the edge off the small old Scottish distillery angle.


But I return to the beginning – added apple or not, it comes in an odd shaped bottle and is eminently drinkable, and really, that’s all you need to know. If the other half comes up with anything more profound, then I’ll update this entry, but don’t hold your breath, she’s too busy drinking Blackwoods and talking about her superior palate.

Which reminds me, next review – Blackwoods. But in the meantime…


Caorunn Small Batch Gin – £28 for 75cl

Gin & Tonic Rating (With 3 slices of red apple) – 3.5/5

Buy Caorunn online at The Gin Box

Prices correct at time of review


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