Silent Pool Gin

Now, to date the reviews have followed a pattern: Pre-tasting thoughts on design and bottle, opening and inhaling, tasting neat, tasting with tonic, tasting a bit more, rambling, final assessment. However this one is going to be a little different as I come to write this review having nearly finished the bottle.

So what I have learned between bottle purchase and bottle consumption? That I like it, I’d certainly buy it again, but you have to get your head around it, and your balance right. Most Gin n Tonic is ok if you over-tonic it, some gin and tonic is ok if you under-tonic it, but in my experience you really need to get this one just so. I will need to buy another bottle to tell you the exact mix I prefer, but I think it is roughly 50/50, maybe slightly more gin than tonic. Or maybe a need a lighter tonic? The Surrey based distiller is remarkably mute on recommending a tonic, or garnish, or telling us about the botanicals, of which there are many. We can learn that they use a multi-level distillation process involving macerating some of the botanicals in the base spirit then using vapour infusion in a column still in the final process rather than steeping. Ginventory and Ginto both match it with Fever-Tree Indian however so that is what I used – but as mentioned, you really need to get the balance right in order to bring out the best in this particular Gin, but when you get it right, then this is a fabulous drink.silent pool

The bottle is great – a fantastic light blue colour with gold pattern design (presumably of the botanicals used) in a 360 wrap. The only writing (besides the 70cl 43% indicators) says “Silent Pool – Intricately Realised – Gin” which is my least favourite thing about the whole brand. Intricately Realised – really? How off-puttingly sickly. But I can live with this sole error on an otherwise lovely bottle – the glass stopper is a nice touch, although it can prove particularly sticky.

A smooth and subtle gin, floral but not overpoweringly so. I want to try it with other tonics, so I may just have to buy another bottle, and at around the £35 mark, it is not so cheap. If I were buying a bottle of gin as a gift for someone then this would be up the top end of my list.

Silent Pool Gin – circa £35 for 70cl

Gin & Tonic Rating – 4/5


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